Welcome to the website for BEYOND BORDERS. We are very pleased to announce that the Independent Production Fund and its partners, Editorial Clio and Fabrica de Cine, are making our new film available for free to all who are interested. You can watch the one-hour public television version of the film below or access it on Vimeo here.

BEYOND BORDERS: Undocumented Mexican-Americans examines US policy decisions that triggered the rise of undocumented immigration in a deeply moving documentary program that explores the under-reported lives of Mexicans living and raising families in the United States. The film carefully explains the history of the relationship between the two countries - Mexico and America - some of which may be unfamiliar to viewers. In telling the stories of several undocumented Mexican-Americans, BEYOND BORDERS reveals the reasons why millions of Mexican workers have settled in the US over the past four decades instead of returning home. It also illuminates the remarkable networks that connect the film's characters with the families they left behind, and the very real human impact of the anti-immigration backlash now sweeping the country.